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  RandomControl FryRender 1.5.00 x32/x64. В комплекте Plugins and Bonus Materials (2010)

Fryrender - the new renderer developed by Feversoft. Calculating the output image is performed in accordance with the laws of physics, so the final result as much as possible approached to life. The mechanism of rendering simulates light and materials in accordance with the laws of nature, once the scene is edited, Fryrender produce a simulation that should see the virtual camera. That is the feature of rendering that distinguishes it from their own kind. Fryrender can create a custom format scene, in which you can navigate in real time.
Fryrender — новый рендер, разработанный компанией Feversoft. Просчет выходного изображения выполняется в соответствии с законами физики, поэтому финальный результат максимально возможно приближен к жизни. Механизм рендера моделирует свет и материалы в соответствии с законами природы, после того, как сцена отредактирована, Fryrender произведет симуляцию того, что должна видеть виртуальная камера. Это и есть та особенность рендера, которая выделяет его из себе подобных. Fryrender может создавать специальный формат сцены, в котором можно перемещаться в реальном масштабе времени.

* Render Region.
* Camera Response tonemapping operators.
* Ability to toggle ON/OFF direct/indirect reflective/refractive caustics.
* Ability to toggle ON/OFF certain features globally, such as bump mapping or displacement mapping.
* New compact scene format (.RCS = RandomControl Scene).
* New standalone command-line renderer (frycmd.exe).
* New licensing system (much more customer-friendly).
* New network management system (NetWarrior).

* 30 faster rendering core (again!) / 50 faster than fryrender v1.0.
* Faster warmup (average improvement ranging from 15 to 50).
* Instantaneous MPDM warmup.
* Significantly faster MPDM rendering.
* Better energy loss for rough materials.
* Better integration of Roughness=0 materials.
* Some low-level core optimizations.
* Opacity Mapping and MPDM can work together now.
* Number of LightMixer layers increased from 10 to 16.

UI Improvements
* The 3D viewport starts much faster now.
* Film-Shift preview in the 3D viewport.
* ENTER accepts editboxes (overriding the default behavior in Windows).
* Much better Layer Blending UI.
* UI shortcuts.
* Much smoother preview update for tonemapping and Layer Blending.
* Accept vs. Cancel in the Material Editor.
* Ability to open multiple documents per standalone session.
* RAM player in the Material Editor.
* fryeditor.exe accepts .sky files now.
* Double-clicking a slider resets its value.
* New command-line parameters (.PDF manual included in the setup).
* The latest paths used are recalled in the open/save dialogs.
* New CFG tab with some useful scene counters for analysis/debugging.

* New Crash Report System (just in case).
* Fixed black spots in the normals channel.
* Fixed darkenings in bump/normal mapping in certain situations.
* Emitters are now visible in the compositing channels.
* The new setups will request administrator rights on Vista/Win7 automatically now (UAC).
* The uninstaller has been fixed.
* The Material Editor will recall changes in the location of the Library Browser.
* Stronger network licensing system.

* 3D viewport ported to OpenGL (no dependencies with Direct X anymore) for multi-platform compatibility.
* Default shutter speed changed from 125 to 250 for better exposure on default skylit scenes.

* New plugin for 3dsMax 2010 (changelog).
* New plugin for Cinema 4D 11.5 (changelog).
* New plugin for SketchUp 6/7 (changelog).
* New plugin for Rhinoceros 3D (changelog).
* New plugin for Maya 2010 (changelog).
* New plugin for Modo (changelog).
* New binary format for all plugins (ready for new versions of fryrender and Arion).

* .DSI files generated with previous versions will not load on v1.5.
* From now on the plugins are not included in the setup anymore. Download them from here.
* The software is installed under c:\Program Files\RandomControl instead of c:\randomcontrol by default now.

Год выпуска: 2010
Версия: 1.5.00
Разработчик: RandomControl
Платформа: Microsoft® Windows® XP & Vista & Windows 7
Совместимость с Windows 7: полная
Язык интерфейса: только Английский
Лекарство: Присутствует
Размер: 808.28 MB

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