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  Adventure World for adults (PC/2010/Rus/Eng)

This assembly of five interesting and exciting erotic game a superb fit for gamers who are infatuated with this genre of computer games.

The collection includes:

Detective Agency Lively beetle
Playing Detective Agency "bright-eyed tipster tells about how a detective not only solves the troubles of a new business, and does so very extravagant manner, and indeed, the first time we see that our Sergeant, did not intend to specifically focus on work. In general, all mixed up in a game on your character - a young investigator who just comes to the delight of another trip to another girl, which must be interrogated. In general, all as in the present low-budget film for adults, but here one also has to decide that it is sometimes difficult.

Detective Agency Lively beetle 2
Detective Eugene slept right behind my desk. He dreamed of three beauties, for some reason dressed in military uniforms. To the sounds of a military march, they slowly took off their camouflage. Straight Striptease smoothly flowing into mutual affection seductive girls' bodies. Voluptuous spasms ran to her friends, and they are a choking voice murmured: "Come to us, our general:" Our hero was about to rush into battle, but at this point sleep was interrupted. However, followed the dreams reality, was also dizzy ...

Detective Agency Lively bug 3
In the third part of the erotic series "Lively Beetle" detective Eugène to investigate the mysterious murder. Twist of fate turns out to be a detective in the snowbound hotel. Buran snapped hotel from the outside world, and there seems to be a good time to enjoy the pleasant company of girls from the neighboring rooms, but ... In one room lay the corpse. The murderer is still at the hotel. The player will find out who actually committed the crime - sexy actress, journalist, or charming, perhaps, seductive mistress hotel? Proceed to the investigation, but remember - the dazzling beauty will not want to just give up all its secrets.

Video Strip Poker 2
Excellent video poker with sexy girls, showing you the striptease, but they did not win so easily from what the game becomes more interesting and exciting. You can play with all girls or specify one.

Singles 2: Triple Trouble
The second part of the cult game Singles - a romantic comedy, the protagonists of which are three young men living together in a rented apartment. You move into a new apartment not knowing that there is already home to your ex-girlfriend. Kindle a fire is extinguished? Or will the flames of hell, when you start uhlestyvat for another girl, who lives with you? Even if you decide that you need to establish close relations between the two tenants, for it will have to wrestle with an opponent or an opponent who will not remain indifferent to what is happening. Or it may be wise to create a harmonious love triangle? Whatever happens - the universal love or the situation of discharge "odd man out" - the choice is yours. It's absolutely an interactive process in the spirit of the famous reality show.

System requirements:
- System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
- Processor: P4 2Ghz
- Memory: 512Mb
- Video card: 128Mb

Year: 2010
Platform: PC
Genres: Adventure, Erotic Games, XXX, 18 +
Interface: Rus / Eng
Medicine: it does not need
Size: 4.08 Gb

By downloading the game, you agree to the condition that you are 18 years or more!

Category: Games PC | Added by: axis | Views: 628 | Downl.: 181 | Comments: 0 | Rating: 0.0/0

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